Jehan Massage Spa

Thai Traditional Massage

60 min
100 AED
90 min
160 AED
Jehan Massage Spa is one of the leading luxury spa centers in Ajman. Backed by a team of highly trained therapists who hail from various parts of Europe, we take pride in delivering unrivaled services. We offer a wide range of massage services that involve Russian and European techniques. All our products are of superior quality as we believe in making our customers feel relaxed and satisfied with their overall experience. Our individualistic approach to customer service is one of the many qualities that make us unique from all the other massage spas in Ajman.
Often sitting at a desk for hours can cause cramps in the area around your neck or shoulders. Even an old injury, like a sprain in the ankle, can cause extreme pain. In such cases, a stretching massage would be the best option to go for as it keeps your muscles supple and alleviates strain on each of your joints. This will also help you enhance your flexibility and improve your posture. If you aren’t used to incorporating yoga into your daily routine, Thai Traditional Massage is a great way to keep your body limber. Our rates for a 60 minute and 90-minute stretching massage are 100 AED and 160 AED, respectively. All our massage treatments are customizable to your specific needs. Visit our website to know more about our stretching massage and book an appointment with us today!